oxConnect is a reliable internet access solution for all types of vehicles. The solution is available in different configurations to meet different requirement levels, ranging from multiple mobile data networks with aggregation to provide very high performance and robustness to more cost-effective single mobile network configurations.

The internet connection may be distributed to different stakeholders throughout the vehicle via a wired LAN and/or WiFi-network/s.

We strongly believe that a dedicated sub-system for all types of data communication (obviously not for highly critical applications such as train control systems) forms the very basis for a healthy IT-architecture on-board. All parts of the solution are monitored 24/7 to achieve rapid response in case of problems and to reach high availability.

oxConnect is currently installed in the vehicle types Regina, Itino, Corradia X61/X62, X11, X14 and in classic locomotive-and-wagon configurations as well as in a range of various bus models.

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