oxInformationBroker (oxIB) is a solution for sharing vehicle-data between authorized users and systems.

A common situation on-board is that a group of very different solutions such as infotainment, ticketing, APC, traffic management and eco-driving all require access to GPS, mobile data connectivity and maybe also a WiFi-network or a LAN.

This often leads to a situation where there are a set of new modems, GPS:s, antennas and a data subscriptions added to the vehicle for each new installed solution. This leads to an unstructured IT-environment on-board, difficult to manage. Not only are there installed parallel but isolated facilities, very often information cannot be exchanged in a structured and common way between these solutions. oxIB can be used to resolve this situation, to share information in a smart efficient way.

With the oxIB, any vehicle data can be shared between authorized systems. External systems, both on-board and/or on ground, can request specific information or get it delivered in real-time via a subscription procedure.

Another situation that oxIB solves is when a public transport authority is obliged to provide vehicle-information as public information to citizens and companies, the oxIB solves this in a simple but yet controlled way.



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