Internet on-board to Arriva3 February, 2016

Oxyfi has been commissioned to equip seven Alstom X61-trains with on-board Internet. The vehicles are run by Arriva in Östergötland and the purpose is to provide both passengers and various system-solutions with on-board Internet access.

The assignment includes mechanical and electrical integration, and installation of oxConnet, Oxyfi’s platform for vehicle communication. The solution includes multiple modems used by several 4G mobile networks in parallel for best availability and high capacity. oxConnect also includes dynamic load sharing, a feature for smart management of multiple parallel mobile networks.

The solution includes oxPassengerWiFi, a complete software package to provide 100’s of travelers internet access simultaneous on board in accordance with agreed business rules and objectives. This includes visualization of current data-pot per passenger and the option to purchase additional capacity for travelers whose needs are greater than the data-pool included in a day at no extra charge.

A complete LAN and WiFi networks have been installed on the trains with managed switches and WiFi APs in each carriage. All this means that vehicles are now prepared for further digitization in the best way, only the imagination limits what services can be produced on these vehicles.

Oxyfi has also been commissioned to carry out continuous operation, support and monitoring of the system solution.

At Oxyfi we are very proud to once again provide a increasing number of trains in Sweden with Internet on-board and to be part of the digitization of the Swedish railway.

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