Oxyfi wins procurement worth millions5 April, 2018

Oxyfi signs agreement with AB Transitio for delivery and operation of system for on-board internet with WiFi for passengers. The procurement is worth at least SEK 23 million and is the largest deal so far for Oxyfi.

Oxyfi won the contract when AB Transitio went out to tender for a procurement for internet access with passenger WiFi. During the project, a total of 47 train sets will be fitted with oxConnect, a robust solution for internet connectivity on trains, buses and ferries.

The deal is worth approximately SEK 23 million during the first four years. Then there is the possibility of extension for up to ten years in total. The agreement allows for further installation in more trains, so the deal has the potential to grow.

“This is a very important deal for us, and we are very happy to have won it. Our strengths are long experience within this complex area, combined with great flexibility in, for example, how the installations are carried out. The upcoming installations must be carried out during so-called traffic breaks. This is unique for this type of relatively complex retrofitting. The advantage of this model is that installation can be done with no or little impact on the planned and executed train traffic,” says Håkan Larsson, CEO of Oxyfi.

The installations are demanding in a number of different ways. One often challenging area is installing of the exterior roof antenna. Oxyfi’s engineers have therefore designed a completely new type of antenna beam, a flexible modular antenna beam that enables fast, safe antenna installation even when unexpected obstacles crop up during installation.

And there is more. During this project Oxyfi supplies a completely new software for aggregation that the company has been developing over a number of years. This network distributed software handles multiple mobile data links in a new, smart way, and the result is a highly robust internet connection for passengers and for other types of users on-board.

The project with Transitio is a comprehensive undertaking that includes equipment, integration of the technical solution into several vehicle models, installation and ongoing operation and maintenance.

“When I think about what we manage to achieve with our limited but multidisciplinary team, I feel really proud and grateful for employees. Our staff is absolutely fantastic” says Håkan Larsson, CEO of Oxyfi.

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