New software release1 November, 2016

Oxyfi invests heavily to develop new releases of our two solutions for Internet on-board, oxConnect and oxPassengerWiFi. The new software is released on a step-by-step basis during November and December for our existing customers within railway and road. Continuous improvement and further development of the software is included as part of our software-as-a-service (SaaS) concept. Our customers can immediately benefit from this new software.

oxConnet is Oxyfi’s vehicle platform for communication that allows for different systems on-board to communicate with each other as well as with various servers on the internet. oxPassengerWiFi is Oxyfi’s software to provide 100’s of passengers with access to the internet according to specified business rules and objectives.

This new release contains many improvements and changes. One of the most obvious change for the passengers is the automated login process. Another is that the user interface for the passenger has been reworked from the ground up and become both clearer and easier to use than before. A third change is that the modems reestablishes faster after radio shadow, for example after a tunnel. In addition to these three improvements there is a variety of other new features as well.

When this new release is fully operational, our customers are ready to meet the ever growing demand passengers place on the internet on-board today. Furthermore, a robust and shared platform for internet access, internal communication and data sharing on-board is – in our view – the backbone for building smart new digital services for both passengers and other players in and around the railway and bus industry.

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