Oxyfi now delivers our third generation of oxConnect, a system solution for internet connectivity on all types of fast moving vehicles operating in demanding environments.

The solution consists of a robust communication gateway with two or more mobile WANs (3G/4G/5G).

Generation 3 comes with our ultra-robust technology for aggregated mobile connections. This solution includes backhaul networks terminated across geographically dispersed data centers. Aggregation is an indispensable mechanism for creating high-performance, high-reliability internet connections on vehicles.

Oxyfi is one of very few suppliers globally that successfully has developed aggregation tailored for rail and road vechiles.

oxConnect is offered with different configurations to meet different requirement levels.

Our customers use oxConnect for:

  • Passenger WiFi
  • Internet access for IT-systems onboard such as infotainment, video surveillance, payment terminals and similar
  • Vehicle positioning for real-time applications such sign control at stations and traffic management solutions

To be able to connect systems and users onboard an industrial Gbit LAN is typically installed throughout the vehicle together with oxConnect.

Today oxConnect is installed in the following vehicle models:

  • Regina and Itino (Bombardier)
  • Coradia Nordic (Alstom)
  • X11, X14 (Asea)
  • Classic locomotive and wagon configurations
  • A variety of buss brands and models


Håkan Larsson, CEO

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