oxInformationBroker is a solution to create interoperability between various IT-systems within railway and bus.

The solution helps vehicle owners, operators and PTAs to build a healthy IT-architecture meaning that systems onboard as well as on the land-side can exchange information in a structured and safe manner. This is very helpful e.g. when new systems are to be procured and integrated with existing IT-solutions.

A common situation on passenger transport vehicles is that technical solutions such as infotainment, automatic passenger counting, ticket handling and traffic control management all need access to the same kind of resources. These resources can e.g. be vehicle position, current train or buss number, vehicle-ID, internet connectivity and local communication with sensors on-board.

But. As these solutions are often procured separately and/or are already installed in a subset of a larger vehicle fleet, it can be challenging to share resources across solutions.

One solution to this challenge is a platform for robust communication that can be used by all users/systems onboard as well as a solution for efficient exchange of information between different technical systems and resources.

oxInformationBroker is just that, a solution for efficient exchange of information between authorised resources and systems, both onboard and with systems on the land side. External systems can request specific information or have it sent to them in real-time via a subscription procedure. Different systems and resources can also publish information that is valuable for other systems to take part of. In this way, a healthy, robust and future-proof architecture is built onboard.

oxInformationBroker has built-in access control mechanisms so you can be sure that a certain set of data can only be accessed by those who have been granted the specific right.


Håkan Larsson, CEO

+46 (0) 730 378 001

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