Wifi is a much-loved and highly appreciated onboard-service among passengers, therefore it is necessary that the service always works. Ours do!

Key aspects on Oxyfi´s wifi-service:

  • High capacity, 50-500 simultaneously connected clients/passengers per train carriage/bus
  • Dual wifi radios, support for the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands
  • Traffic shaping, based on different business models and usage, control available bandwidth
  • Monitoring 24/7/365. Onboard units, land-based servers, various resources and usage patterns are continuously monitored to detect potential faults on an early stage
  • Integration with applicable Rail Transport Authority provides several important benefits, including filtering out certain types of alarms in case a vehicle does not perform a commercial run
  • Corrective maintenance. Potential faults in the equipment onboard must be resolved quickly. Oxyfi therefore has employees whose task is to actively coordinate replacement of any broken unit
  • Redundant servers in geographically separated server halls provide high availability
  • Onboard web portal
  • Delete personal data continuously according to GDPR
  • Map based! Enjoyable! Intuitive! Monitoring tool for our customers. Follow in real-time how your wifi-service and Oxyfi performs. And much more.


Håkan Larsson, CEO

+46 (0) 730 378 001

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