Oxyfi offers world-leading software for effectively managing passengers who want to connect their surf-devices to the internet while traveling. Oxyfi is the pioneer in measuring, control and visualization of internet access per individual passenger. We have used this model commercially since 2006, longer than any other in the industry. We call this Controlled Wifi Access.

Controlled WiFi access becomes more important the more and faster mobile data networks that are connected to a vehicle. Missing these mechanisms, a few passengers may consume very large data volumes in a short time, causing a number of undesirable consequences.

Internet access on-board is a highly desirable and also appreciated service, hence it is important to set and manage passenger´s expectations on the offered service. Desirable is a simple way to inform passengers what is the purpose of the offered service and what he or she can expect in terms of surf-speed and data-volume.

Oxyfi’s software contains all the necessary mechanisms to successfully offer internet access to the passengers on all types of vehicles. We are confident that you and your passengers will appreciate our services if we get the opportunity to provide it.

The software is offered to our customers on a service as a software model (SaaS).

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